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I started working with Alka almost one year ago.  In addition to learning about nutrition and strategies to assist in making better food choices, I learned how making myself a priority was essential.  With Alka’s support, I was able to make time for myself, reduce stress, start exercising, and find more balance in my life.  In turn, I have become a better role model to my family and friends and I am better equipped to handle the challenges of work.  Alka was instrumental in meeting my health goals!  Along the way, she was always welcoming, supportive and accessible.  Thank you, Alka, for helping me feel like me again!

Pina Viscomi

“For the last 8 months that I’ve been under Alka’s care, I’ve appreciated very much the fact that the program focuses on my real lifestyle. It has shown me all the things I’ve been doing right for so long and Alka has helped me tweak it all to help me lose weight and keep it off – but more importantly, get my blood sugar under control, and improve my cholesterol levels. Whenever things get crazy, it’s pretty easy to refocus myself back to the program Alka has given me to work with. She has personalized it for me. And she has been so encouraging. When I’ve felt as if I’m going off-track, she’s been there for me encouraging me to focus on the big picture and all the success I’ve had, not worry so much about every little bump along the way.”

Tara Stickwood

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