Pain is often a result of bad posture while sitting, standing or even working on our desks for long periods of time. This week my guest is Scott Hamlin, a physiotherapist from This Is Healthful, an Education Prevention Clinic based in Ottawa. The clinic provides in-person and on-line services focused on improving your health.

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Scott will talk to you about:

– culprits that contribute to seated postural pain

– simple low energy strategies to improve seated posture

– simple before / after sleep exercises to reduce postural pain

Scott is a graduate of Anatomical Studies from McGill University and a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University. He is a motivated and experienced physiotherapist with extensive training in orthopedic and out-patient physiotherapy. While he has been actively pursuing the goal of becoming a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapists, Scott’s professional development has ensured he is well rounded and able to provide his patients a variety of treatment approaches including Graston Technique certification, manual therapy, myofascial release, acupuncture and sports rehabilitation. With a focus on active recovery from injury and pain, anchored in evidence-based treatment and a hands-on patient centred focus, Scott’s approach offers shorter recovery times and long-term results. Scott’s professional work experience has included but is not limited to, outpatient orthopedics, industrial / work related rehabilitation, sports medicine and the duties of head trainer for Trent University’s Men’s Rugby club. Scott has also worked as a Can-Fit-Pro certified personal trainer with the motivation that he could share his passion for general health and fitness with everyone. Leaving his McGill Redmen football cleats behind, these days when not at work, you will find Scott spending time at the gym, playing recreational sports and trying to learn a few social dances like Salsa and Swing.

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