Learn the benefits of essential oils & a simple strategy on how you can integrate them into your life within ONE WEEK with Tricia Sheehan. Tricia is a Holistic Health Coach and Certified Essential Oil Coach who trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the Essential Oil Institute, and the Institute for Nutritional Leadership. She’s passionate about empowering women with useful and practical information to help them take charge of their health and finally feel healthier and happier. She also believes it is every person’s RIGHT to know about ALL the options available to them to be healthier and unfortunately in conventional doctor’s offices this is not happening so she’s passionate about teaching how to use food as medicine and how natural remedies can truly restore wellness. Key Points: – Essential oils are antiviral and antibacterial – With proper dilution, essential oils are very safe and effective when used topically – High quality oils and low quality oils are quite different in effectiveness and safety.

You can reach Tricia via her web site at WellnessWarriorsForHealth.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wellnesswarr…

E-mail: triciahealthcoach@gmail.com

When you enroll with doTerra, they can get $100 in free oils with a qualifying purchase and a free wholesale account (valued at $35). With any purchase, they get a free Welcome Kit from me with fun samples to try out.

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