Becoming more aware of emotions, and allowing ourselves to feel them without becoming overwhelmed by them will allow us to learn to acknowledge our emotions versus avoid them, and observe them without fighting them. – Emotions are connected to our thoughts and behaviours, emotions are a communication tool to others, emotions let us know when things are going well or distressing, and more. – We often try and avoid negative emotions, or use certain emotions as a defense mechanism to mask or deflect from feeling other more vulnerable emotions. Heather is a registered occupational therapist, and the Coordinator of Occupational Therapy Services and Mental Hygiene at This Is Healthful. She has her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, an Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Gerontology. Healther believes that we’re living our healthiest life when we’re doing things that are important to us, that are purposeful, and bring meaning to each day. As an occupational therapist, she is passionate about empowering others to find their version of healthy through engaging in occupations (tasks and activities of everyday life), building personal supports, and maximizing overall wellness. Heather believes it’s important to support people to find and maintain physical health, mental health, cognitive functioning, and overall wellness. She has had particular experience working with individuals struggling with mental health concerns, like depression and anxiety; those living with chronic conditions, like chronic pain and arthritis; and people that have experienced a change in cognitive functioning, for example due to concussion or dementia. She believes that helping people solve problems that interfere with the things that are important is the key to optimal quality of life and overall wellness.

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